Program Summary

Program Summary

AMP EUROPE 2021: Clinical Genomics: Beyond Somatic Mutation

The AMP Europe 2021 Congress will bring together molecular professionals and diagnostics industry representatives from around the globe with the goal of advancing the molecular medicine to provide best patient care. This multi-disciplinary scientific program will showcase molecular diagnostics with clinical applications in oncology (solid tumors, hematopathology), genetics (congenital, heritable), infectious diseases and informatics. The central theme of the Congress will be Clinical Genomics: Beyond Somatic Mutation. The program will take place in the CET timezone and will include the following sessions:

General Sessions:

  • Immunotherapy in Oncology
  • Metagenomics and NGS in Clinical Microbiology
  • STAT: Critical Care Genomics
  • Findings in Population Studies: A European View
  • Gene Fusions: An Emerging Target in Cancer Diagnostics and Treatment
  • NEW!! SIPMeT Session on Deregulation & Targeting in Cancer

Breakout Sessions: 

  • What’s Next in Clinical Genomics? Supplementing Genome/Exome Analysis
  • Exploring Informatics:  Quality Metrics to Artificial Intelligence
  • Liquid Biopsies for Lymphomas
  • Germline Mutations Predisposing to Hematological Malignancies
  • Quality Assurance in Molecular Testing
  • Approaches to Cutting Edge Somatic Testing
  • Future of NGS in Clinical Oncology
  • Translating Cancer Genomics into Precision Medicine with Artificial Intelligence

The program overview will be available online soon.