Visa information

Visa Information

All EU / EEA nationals will only need to present an identification document to enter Italy, due to the common travel area of the Schengen Zone.

Non-EU/EEA traveler wishing to visit Italy will need to present the following at the Italian port of entry. Visitors from certain countries may be allowed entry into the Schengen Area for up to 90 days.

You will find the list of countries with the respective visa regulations HERE.

If you need the entry permit, please consult the respective embassy in your country first.

In case you need a proof of participation at the AMP Europe 2021 congress in Italy, please click on the respective field in the registration portal. The letter will be sent to you automatically.

Please note that the invitation letter from AMP Europe 2021 is only a proof of your participation and can’t be used as a sponsored invitation in the frames of your visa application, as AMP Europe 2021 will not cover any costs related to your application or stay in Italy.

The organizers of AMP Europe 2021 will not be able to help you with your due to data privacy regulations and are not liable for the result of your application.

In case your visa application has been rejected but you have already registered for AMP Europe 2021 meeting, the organizer will refund your registration fee only upon receipt of the official rejection letter from the Immigration Department or the respective embassy latest by April 30, 2021.