Gianluca Canettieri, MD, PhD

Gianluca Canettieri, MD, PhD, is Full Professor of General Pathology and Head of Epigenetics, Metabolism and Cancer Unit at Sapienza University of Rome. He is also Researcher at Pasteur Institute, Rome Italy. Gianluca graduated in Medicine and Surgery in 1995 and in 1996 was visiting fellow at the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD. He obtained the PhD degree in Endocrinology and Metabolism in 2000 and then moved to the Salk Institute, San Diego, CA for five years, where he studied metabolic and epigenetic changes directed by cAMP signaling and their role in metabolic diseases. He returned to Rome in 2005 in the Laboratory of Molecular Oncology, awarded by MIUR “Progetto Rientro dei Cervelli”. Dr Canettieri is interested in understanding transcriptional and metabolic alterations underlying developmental pathway-related cancers, such as Medulloblastoma and Colorectal cancer, and their targeting with selective drugs. He collaborates with national and international research institutions and has been awarded with several grants, honors and prizes. Gianluca has published more than 60 articles in journals such as Cell, Cell Metabolism, Molecular Cell, Nature Cell Biology, Developmental Cell, Nature Structural Biology, Nature Communications, Cell Reports, Genes and Development, PNAS, EMBO J.