About Rotterdam

© Claire-Droppert-RoyaltyFree

© Claire-Droppert-RoyaltyFree

Rotterdam welcomes you! A city of modern architecture, bursting with its cosmopolitan energy. Rotterdam’s dramatic skyline gives you a completely new perspective to The Netherlands.

Everywhere within the compact city center is easy to reach, so you can easily explore and discover Rotterdam to get to know the city.  An abundance of restaurants and cuisines, a choice of hotels; a culturally exciting mix of galleries, museums and theatres; an array of cafes and bars and a renowned nightlife scene: Rotterdam gives you endless possibilities at every street corner!

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© Rotterdam-Image-Bank-RoyaltyFree

General Information

Visa Requirements

The Netherlands belong to the Schengen Visa zone. You can find more information on visa requirements here. Please contact the nearest embassy or consulate to find out about specific guidelines and processing times for visa applications in your country.

Please note that the organizers cannot contact embassies or consulates on behalf of visa applicants. It is your sole responsibility to take care of meeting visa requirements. In case you need an invitation letter, please chose the respective field in the registrations portal.


The Netherlands belongs to a temperate maritime zone, which requires a wardrobe as flexible as possible. In summer, the temperature varies from 17°C (63F) to 20°C (68F).


The Euro (€) is the official currency in The Netherlands. You can change money at banks and currency exchanges in airports or train stations. Classic credit cards are American Express, MasterCard and Visa; Diners Club is rarely used, but accepted by major hotels, petrol stations or large shops. Otherwise cash will be accepted.


In The Netherlands electricity is supplied at 230V, 50Hz, the power sockets are of type F (continental European standard). Adapters are widely available in electronics stores.

Time Zone

The Netherlands use Central European Time (CET), which is 1 hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Official times like shop hours or train schedules are usually indicated by the 24-hour clock, means 7:30 pm is 19:30.